About us

We are a local company offering quality affordable firewood to families on the Central Coast NSW. We also specialise in wholesale firewood to other businesses including resellers Australia wide.

We have a range of different firewood varieties to suit all budgets, ranging from our mixed hardwood to our premium burning Ironbark.

Woodfellas Firewood Central Coast is a division of Argonauts Tree Service

Commonly Asked Questions-

Why is our firewood cheaper?

Our firewood is cheaper because all our timber is sourced locally from our parent company Argonauts Tree Service and not from interstate like other companies. All processing is done right here on the Central Coast keeping locals employed and money being put back into our community. So why pay more for the same quality?

If I buy bulk do I get a discount?

Yes you sure do, please contact us to find out more.

Is your firewood seasoned?

It sure is, our firewood is given plenty of time to season. Before selling it is checked with an electronic moisture meter to ensure it is ready for sale.