Argonauts Tree Services


Woodfellas firewood is sourced locally on the Central Coast by parent company Argonauts Tree Service in its attempt to achieve 100% recycling of all tree removals and pruning debris. Many other firewood suppliers are trucking in logs from other states adding to the Australian carbon foot print. All processing is done here on the Central Coast keeping locals employed and putting money back into our community.

Argonauts Tree Service is committed to protecting the environment through implementing our own Environmental Protection & Waste Management systems. Our 7-Ton Citicrane enables us to conduct tree work with minimal impact to the surrounding area.

By carefully lifting pieces of the trees being cut back or dismantled up and out of the work area, we are able to avoid plants and other vegetation, reducing the impact of our work on your property and the local environment.

All wood chippings created by our work are recycled for landscaping and mulch, and unwanted logs are recycled as firewood or fencing.

This creates a 100% reuse and recycling process of all waste material from the work we conduct, keeping the process as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our Waste Management Policy promotes recycling of all waste materials, and we are proud of our success in achieving this in practice.

We pride ourselves on minimising the environmental effects of tree removal. Our skilled and experienced experts are trained to analyse the relevant risks and hazards and ensure that safety and environmental impact are effectively managed for each of our projects.

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